AL Executive Office

AL Executive Office

AL stands for the visible aluminium material, a symbol of lightness and high-tech.The AL Management executive line inspires with its exclusive materials, extraordinary details, high-quality workmanship and sophisticated finish. With its lightness, clarity and reduction to the essentials, the AL line appeals to executives who have set themselves high standards. A furniture line that excels with technical refinement and intelligent functions. 

An executive line whose formal charm derives from the strong contrast between aluminium, wood and glass surfaces.


AL Executive table

AL management tables are available with or without a business package option. A full length personal storage compartment for important documents, laptop or laptop-dock, utensil tray and power module. Rectangular tables greater than 180cm long can be fitted with a sliding leather plate which gives access to power modules or a laptop compartment.

AL Meeting tables

AL meeting tables offer a range of options to meet different needs for access to power, data, video and audio connections. The choices include cable outlets, plug boxes and a compact dual flap.

Features with Business package

Personal drawer

Business package comes with additional features such as the personal drawer.

Personal drawer to keep confidential information and personal objects safely locked. Leather finish, pencil tray, plug box. Optional mechanical or electronic lock.

Slideable leather panel

A classic leather panel which can be slid to the front, giving access to a notebook dock, or connections for power or a network.

High-tech for convenience

The sensor eye of the electronic lock is integrated in the aluminium table frame hidden on the bottom side of the table. The LED light shows if the lock is locked or unlocked.

Locking or unlocking the drawer with a remote control.

Features without Business package

Slideable leather panel

Modern technology integrated.
A classic leather panel which can be slid sideways to the left or right, giving access to a notebook dock, connections for power or a network.

Plug box – Executive and meeting table

Plug box for management and meeting tables. Premium anodised aluminium lid for one-touch access.
Plug box: access to power and network (2 × RJ45, 3 × 220 Volt, countryspecific).