CASUAL by Bene presents comfortable and functional seating solutions that adapt to any situation thanks to 3 different available height options. The product series consists of the CASUAL Bench, the CASUAL Lounge Chair and the CASUAL Table. The different combination options create the ideal place for a connecting togetherness - loose, relaxed, CASUAL.

Offices are places of interaction and togetherness. People, ideas and projects come together here. Spontaneous exchange, which is essential for creative approaches and relationships, calls for a certain kind of space . Flexibility, modularity and versatility are needed in office design to provide the right space for every task. CASUAL by Bene supports every form of encounter as well as relaxation.



The CASUAL Bench is available as a Single Bench or Double Bench, with or without a backrest. The two different widths work for all room sizes, even in the smallest of spaces. The CASUAL Bench can be matched to any environment thanks to the wide range of contemporary fabric colours.

The CASUAL Bench offers comfortable seating for any type of meeting. Available in 3 different seat heights:

CASUAL Bench Low
The CASUAL Bench Low in seat height corresponds to the classic bench height. With a seat depth of 48.5 cm, the CASUAL Bench Low is available for relaxing as well as for informal exchange.

CASUAL Bench Medium
The CASUAL Bench Medium inspires an agile posture with its sitting/standing height, as the feet can be placed on the floor. It has a seat depth of 40.5 cm.

CASUAL Bench High
The CASUAL Bench High in standing height offers the possibility to be seated at the same height as someone who is standing, enabling communication at eye level. It has a seat depth of 40.5 cm.

CASUAL Bench seating heights:

  • CASUAL Bench High: 79,5 cm
  • CASUAL Bench Medium: 69 cm
  • CASUAL Bench Low: 48 cm

CASUAL Lounge Chair

For a relaxed posture, the CASUAL Lounge Chair creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The CASUAL Lounge Chair offers the ideal basis for this. Thanks to its pleasant inclination you automatically adopt a relaxed posture. The Lounge Chair can be combined with the CASUAL Bench to arrange countless settings and immediately creates an atmosphere of peace and well-being

CASUAL Lounge Chair seating height: 44,5 cm

The office is not only a workplace, but also a place of community that fosters a sense of belonging to the company and gives an organisation its identity. Whether in the cafeteria, lounge or recreation area – the CASUAL Bench, CASUAL Lounge Chair and CASUAL Table combine to create these Third Places right there in the office says Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene.

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